Adhesive Systems, Inc.

Rubber Products Distributors carries a full line of Adhesive System, Inc. products.  From standard adhesives to specialty adhesives, you’ll find whatever you need for your specific application.

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Advance Performance SeriesThe ADVANCE PERFORMANCE SERIESTM offers you the most comprehensive range of cyanoacrylate adhesives available to tackle the rigorous demands of today’s assembly requirements. These products will bond more materials better than other one-part systems. Through Advanced Adhesive Technology, these products have been engineered to achieve structural bonds with excellent results on difficult to bond substrates. These products have been formulated to bond a wide range of similar and dissimilar materials: plastics, metals, elastomers, wood, and porous surfaces, to name a few. This unique family of products possesses exceptional bond strength, with excellent aging and weathering characteristics.   Click here for more information.

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MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE SERIES — Advanced Structural Adhesives
“We Bond at the Speed of Light”

Maximum Performance SeriesThe MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE SERIES™ is a complete family of engineered structural adhesives. These products, both one-and two-part systems, offer a wide range of versatility in meeting your application requirements. Engineered to provide a unique balance of tensile, shear, and peel strength, they assure maximum performance in assemblies that see stress, shock, and impact. Strong, durable bonds are their trademark, even then faced with severe environmental conditions.

The MP Series™ possesses excellent resistance to solvents, salt, humidity, acids, and caustics, with outstanding temperature cycling capability. Due to their unique bonding properties, they will structurally bond a variety of plastics, ceramics, and metals. They are available in a full range of viscosities and cure speeds to meet specific application requirements. The MP Series™ lends itself well to high speed production applications. Whether the application is bonding similar or dissimilar parts, design engineers select the MP Series™ for the optimum in finished product quality, reliability, performance, and cost effectiveness.   Click here for more information.

UV Curing (MP 53000 Series) | | UV Curing Systems | Epoxies (MP 5400 Series)Methacrylates (MP 55000 Series)


TORQUE™ SERIES — Anaerobic Adhesives/Sealants

Torque SeriesTORQUE™ ANAEROBIC ADHESIVES/SEALANTS are for threadlocking, threadsealing, retaining, and gasketing applications. These products are available in different strengths, cure times, and viscosities to meet your specific application requirements. Torque™ forms a tough, durable material, capable of withstanding high impact with excellent resistance to extreme environmental conditions. The Torque™ products offer consistent, dependable performance and outstanding reliability in your finished product.

Torque™ Anaerobic Products are single component, solvent free adhesives, that cure in the absence of air and in the presence with metal ions. Interested in dispensing systems to help  your process? We have manual, semi-automated, and fully automated systems to fit every type of application requirement.  Click here for more information.

Threadlocking (TL)Threadsealing (TS)Retaining (RC)Gasketing (GM) | Torque™ Surface Preparation Products


AS SERIES — Anti-Seize Lubricating Compounds

Anti-Seize CompoundsAnti-Seize ProductsThe AS SERIES represents the highest quality products for protecting machinery and equipment. These products offer the ultimate in protection and significant cost savings in both MRO and OEM applications. The AS Series of anti-seize products is compounded using the highest quality, heat resistant lubricants. Combine this with fine metallic particles and graphite, produces an extreme pressure lubricating compound that prevents galling, galvanic pitting, friction, corrosion, water wash out, and cold welding. These anti-seize compounds help provide constant, uniform, torque tension, speed assembly and disassembly, are non hardening, and will not drip. The AS Series products will greatly reduce costly and time consuming maintenance operations.

Click here for a printable spec sheet including information on the AS 201, AS 202, and the AS 203 series of products.



Flex Silicon SeriesFlex Silicone Series ProductsThe FLEX SILICONE SERIES is designed to meet a wide variety of industrial bonding and sealing applications. While each sealant has unique characteristics that make it particularly suited to certain applications, there are some properties common to all the products because of the silicone compounds used. The Flex Silicone Series is extremely versatile and bonds to a wide range of similar and dissimilar materials. All of the Flex Silicone Series products are designed to provide good adhesion and sealing properties for many assembly applications. They are used on glass, ceramics, masonry, wood, painted surfaces, metal and plastics.  These products offer maximum flexibility, provide a positive seal, and excellent high/low end temperature stability.

Click here for a printable spec sheet including information on the  Acetoxy Flex 1100 Series, Neutral Flex 1200 Series, and the High Temp Flex 1300 Series.


ADHESIVE APPLICATION SYSTEMS — Dispensing Systems and Application Accessories

Application Dispensing SystemsASI’s ADHESIVE APPLICATION SYSTEMS are reliable, consistent, and dependable, and that is  just a few of their features. Adhesive Systems, Inc. application solutions solutions range from hand held applicators to fully automated systems, microprocessor controllers, precision dispensing valves, and a complete family of accessories. By taking all the guesswork out of the application process through precision dispensing, finished product quality is greatly improved, faster production rates are achieved, waste is reduced, and assembly personnel have minimum contact with the material. Talk to your Rubber Products Distributor sales representative to discuss products specifically engineered for your application.

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