Automatic Adhesive Dispensing Solutions

Reliable, consistent, and dependable are just a few features that characterize the ASI Adhesive Application Products.

These solutions range from hand held applicators to fully automated systems, microprocessor controllers, precision dispensing valves, and a complete family of accessories.

By taking all the guesswork out of the application process through precision dispensing, finished product quality is greatly improved, faster production rates are achieved, waste is reduced, and assembly personnel have minimum contact with the material. Our staff of technical application specialists provide an effective and efficient results orientated approach, specifically engineered for your specific application.

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DS99004 Diaphragm Valve

DS99004 Diaphragm Valve

Excellent for precision dispensing. The work horse for dispensing cyanoacrylates, UV’s, and anaerobics. Positive shut off, no seals, adjustable fluid-flow control, easy cleaning, on line serviceability, cycle rates of up to 500 per minute, compact size and weight. Pneumatic operation allows for precise control, repeatability, and accuracy.

DS99003 Shot Valve

DS99003 Shot Valve

Ideal for continuous micro shot applications. Adjustable for shot size and flow rate. Air actuated valve for semi or fully automated operation.

DS99025 Manual Application System

DS99025 Complete Manual Dispensing System

• Easy to use
• Versatile
• Operates off air pressure only
• Hand-held applicator
• Dispense directly from one pound bottle

DS99030 Syringe System

DS99030 Automatic Syringe Dispensing System

• Precise application of thin to paste-like
• Solid state controller and timer
• Timed shot for precise dispensing with
excellent repeatability
• Syringe system

DS99050 Complete Valve

DS99050 Complete Valve Dispensing

• Precise metering and flow control
• Positive shut-off valve with adjustable
• All wetted parts made of Teflon
• Excellent repeatability
• Time shot controller
• 1 quart to 5 gallon material reservoir

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