Quick-Tac Accelerator™ – Adhesive Surface Preparation Product

Quck-Tac, Remove, Poly Prep Primer

Rubber Products Distributors carries the complete family of accelerators and primers designed to enhance the performance of the ADVANCE PERFORMANCE SERIES™ of adhesive products. Quick-Tac Accelerator™ products are specifically engineered to shorten fixture times, cure speeds and increase the gap filling capabilities of these instant adhesive products.

Quick-Tac Accelerator™ has been developed as a treating agent for use with the ADVANCE PERFORMANCE SERIES™ family of instant adhesive products. If faster setting speeds are desired, Quick-Tac Accelerator™ will aid the curing process and give significantly faster set times.

When curing beads or in applications where the adhesive is not between two parts, it will allow for fast uniform curing. Quick-Tac Accelerator™ will aid the bonding of porous materials such as fabrics or woods. If is useful when bonding acidic surfaces or in low humidity conditions promoting consistent curing times. Ideal for wire tacking, silk screening, or in loudspeaker assembly. Using Quick-Tac Accelerator™ enables the adhesive to fill gaps up to 0.20”.

Quick-Tac Accelerator™ can be applied by brushing or spraying. Available in 2 and 8 ounce pump spray bottles, 1 gallon containers, and 55 gallon drums.

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Quick-Tac Accelerator product specs


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