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Maximum Performance Series™ — Advanced Structural Adhesives

Maximum Performance SeriesThe MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE SERIES™ is a complete family of engineered structural adhesives. These products, both one-and two-part systems, offer a wide range of versatility in meeting your application requirements. Engineered to provide a unique balance of tensile, shear, and peel strength, they assure maximum performance in assemblies that see stress, shock, and impact. Strong, durable bonds are their trademark, even then faced with severe environmental conditions.

The MP Series™ possesses excellent resistance to solvents, salt, humidity, acids, and caustics, with outstanding temperature cycling capability. Due to their unique bonding properties, they will structurally bond a variety of plastics, ceramics, and metals. They are available in a full range of viscosities and cure speeds to meet specific application requirements. The MP Series™ lends itself well to high speed production applications. Whether the application is bonding similar or dissimilar parts, design engineers select the MP Series™ for the optimum in finished product quality, reliability, performance, and cost effectiveness.

UV Curing (MP 530000 Series) | UV Curing Equipment | Epoxies (MP 5400 Series)Methacrylates (MP 55000 Series)
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Maximum Performance Series of Products 


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