MP 55000 Series – Two Part Methacrylate Adhesives

Maximum Performance Series Adhesive Products


The MP 55000 Series is a complete family of two part methacrylate adhesives. These products are specifically engineered for structural bonding of nearly all thermoplastics, metals, and composite materials. They offer exceptional bond strength and are extremely durable adhesives. The MP 55000 Series provides outstanding performance in a wide range of applications in the transportation, solid surface, industrial, construction, and marine market areas.

  • Eliminates pre-drilling
  • Resists temperature extremes and thermo cycling
  • Bond similar and dissimilar materials
  • Full range of work times and cure times
  • Room temperature cure
  • Stronger and lighter finished assemblies
  • Superior bond strengths
  • Tough, durable bonds improve finished quality
  • Excellent aging and weathering
  • Good impace and vibration resistance
  • Eliminate mechanical fastening devices
  • Cost effective

The MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE SERIES™ is a complete family of engineered structural adhesives. These products, both one part epoxy systems and two part epoxy systems, offer a wide range of versatility in meeting your application requirements.  Strong, durable bonds are their trademark, even when faced with severe environmental conditions.

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MP 55000 Series, Two Part Methacrylates,  Specs

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