Torque™ Gasketing Series of Products (GM Series)

Torque Series ProductsThe Torque™ Gasketing Series allows for maximum clamp loading and positive sealing of mating flanges and housings. These liquid gasketing materials are ideally suited for applications where there are small gaps on rigid metal to metal assemblies. They create a formed in place gasket, eliminating the need for large inventories of pre-cut gaskets. The Torque™ Gasketing Series keys into the surface of the flanges when they are mated together creating a positive, uniform seal in the joint.

This material does not shrink, tear, or relax when fully cured and it is not necessary to re-torque flange bolts when using these products. They are extremely durable materials, that have exceptional pressure and chemical resistance. They are available in a full range of strengths, cure times, and viscosities, to meet specific application requirements.

The Torque™ Gasketing Series is a total leak prevention system. They are single component, solvent free materials, that fill all the voids, surface gaps, and irregularities, allowing for a positive seal between mating flanges, along with improving the structural integrity of the assembly.

TORQUE™ ANAEROBIC PRODUCTS form a tough, durable resin, that fills all these voids, creating a unitized assembly that is completely resistant to shock, vibration, and extremely harsh environmental conditions. These chemical tools significantly reduce production cost while enhancing the reliability and performance of the finished assembly. These anaerobic resins offer the best method to positively lock, retain, and seal a wide range of metal parts. Even in the tightest fitting assembly; voids are present which allows for movement and loosening of parts.

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Torque Gasketing Series,  Specs

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