Torque™ Threadlocking Series of Products (TL Series)

Torque Series ProductsThe Torque™ Threadlocking Series represent state of the art anaerobic technology, with world class performance. The Torque™ Threadlocking Series  is manufactured to provide specific viscosities, strengths, and cure speeds to meet any application requirement. These anaerobic resins prevent against vibration loosening, while locking and sealing threaded assemblies and metal parts. They have excellent resistance to extremely harsh environments. Torque™ Threadlocking Series products are used in a wide range of assembly applications; from delicate electronic devices to heavy industrial equipment. They distribute the load on a fastener over the entire engagement length of the assembly, greatly reducing or completely eliminating fastener and material fatigue. They protect threaded areas by preventing rust and corrosion. These products significantly reduce production cost while enhancing the reliability of the finished product.

TORQUE™ ANAEROBIC PRODUCTS form a tough, durable resin, that fills all these voids, creating a unitized assembly that is completely resistant to shock, vibration, and extremely harsh environmental conditions. These chemical tools significantly reduce production cost while enhancing the reliability and performance of the finished assembly. These anaerobic resins offer the best method to positively lock, retain, and seal a wide range of metal parts. Even in the tightest fitting assembly; voids are present which allows for movement and loosening of parts.

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Torque Threadlocking Series,  Specs

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