Torque™ Threadsealing Pipe and Hydraulic Sealants™ (TS Series)

Torque Series ProductsTorque Pipe and Hydraulic Sealants™ seal threaded fittings. The Torque™ liquid thread sealants are specifically designed to seal and secure metal pipes and fittings by filling the space between threaded metal parts and hardening to prevent leakage. They do an excellent job of sealing in severe environmental conditions and prevent leakage that may be caused by vibration loosening, damaged threads, or temperature cycling.

Torque™ liquid thread sealants seal instantly to moderate pressures and when fully cured; they seal to the burst strength of most piping systems. They have excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals such as hydraulic fluids, oils, fuels, water, lubricants, etc… They are ready to use, single component, solvent free materials, designed to handle both low and high pressure applications. The Torque™ Threadsealing products do not shrink, shred, tear, or relax. They are formed-in-place sealants conforming to the parts they are used on, creating a durable, positive seal.

The Torque™ Threadsealing family of products offers a full range of viscosities, strengths, and cure speeds that are designed to meat your specific application requirements.

TORQUE™ ANAEROBIC PRODUCTS form a tough, durable resin, that fills all these voids, creating a unitized assembly that is completely resistant to shock, vibration, and extremely harsh environmental conditions. These chemical tools significantly reduce production cost while enhancing the reliability and performance of the finished assembly. These anaerobic resins offer the best method to positively lock, retain, and seal a wide range of metal parts. Even in the tightest fitting assembly; voids are present which allows for movement and loosening of parts.

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Torque Threadsealing Series,  Specs

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