Slit loom tubing protects wires, cables, and hoses. Slit loom covers a wide temperature range and colors other than black may be available.

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Product Name Inner Diameter Nominal Material Box Quantity
H1644A 11/16 Nylon 100FT/Box
R103704-110000 11/4 Polyethylene 250FT/Box
H1646A 11/4 Nylon 100FT/Box
R103497-110000 11/2 Polyethylene 150FT/Box
H1649 11/2 Nylon 150FT/Box
H1649A 11/2 Nylon 100FT/Box
H1638A 7/16 Nylon 200FT/Box
R106325-110000 7/16 Polyethylene 1500FT/Box
H1636A 5/16 Nylon 200FT/Box
H1641 5/8 Nylon 800FT/Box
H1641A 5/8 Nylon 100FT/Box
H1637A 3/8 Nylon 200FT/Box
R103859-110000 3/8 Polyethylene 1900FT/Box
R103859-120000 3/8 Nylon 1900FT/Box
R103969-190001 3/8 Polypropylene 1800FT/Box
R102946-110000 3/4 Polyethylene 600FT/Box
H1642 3/4 Nylon 600FT/Box
H1642A 3/4 Nylon 100FT/Box
R102948-110000 2 Polyethylene 100FT/Box
H1634A 1/8 Nylon 200FT/Box
H1635A 1/4 Nylon 200FT/Box
R103139-110000 1/4 Polyethylene 3200FT/Box
R103147-120000 1/4 Nylon 3200FT/Box
R103147-190001 1/4 Polypropylene 3200FT/Box
R103218-110000 1/2 Polyethylene 900FT/Box
H1639 1/2 Nylon 1100FT/Box
H1639A 1/2 Nylon 200FT/Box
R102947-110000 1 Polyethylene 350FT/Box
R103111-190001 1 Polypropylene 350FT/Box
H1643 1 Nylon 400FT/Box
H1643A 1 Nylon 100FT/Box