Heyco® CPV Solar Connectors

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For Photovoltaic Wire Interconnections

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1-5-Heyco CPV Solar Connectors

• Large cable diameter range covers a wide range of USE-2 and 1000V PV cables.
• CPV Solar Connectors mate with Heyco Bulkhead Connectors creating a liquid tight seal through the panel.
• Acme threads on cap to prevent skipping and speed install.
• Connectors meet all UL cold impact requirements of -35°C test.
• Connectors meet all NEC requirements for solar installations.
• Polycarbonate construction for good chemical and impact resistance.
• Disconnection (PN S6390) and crimping tools (PN S6392 for 10 & 12 AWG wire) available.
• Rated Current: 22A (2,5mm2), 30A (4mm2-6mm2).
• Rated Voltage, 1kV DC.
• Overvoltage category III.
• Pollution degree, 3.
• Crimped terminal connections.
• Non-rewireable conductor connections.
• Reference to DIN V VDE V0126-3:2006.
• RoHS and REACH compliant.
• UL recognized under file E344722.
• TUV certification No. R60033714.


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