Liquid Tight Cordgrips Multi-Hole, Snap-In Hubs – IP 64 Rated
The Ultimate in Liquid Tight Strain Relief Protection

For use in Clearance Holes in Panels from .032˝ (0,8 mm) to .093˝ (2,4 mm) Thick

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Heyco-TiteCombiner Box Liquid Tight Cordgrip

• House multiple wires at one entry point providing a liquid tight seal around each wire and at the panel.
• IP 64 Rated.
• Easy installation–Unique fingers securely lock into a range of panel sizes without use of locknut. No tools required.
• Secure “click in place” fit reduces tightening errors by installers.
• Limited intrusion into enclosure where access is tight.
• Ideal when individual conductors for power or control are used rather than jacketed cable.
• Smooth, rounded interior edges for ease of installation.
• Ratchet design of sealing nut assembly provides superior anti-vibration and ensures a firm grip on the cable.
• Rotation prevented when used in “Double D” mounting holes.
• For use in clearance holes.
• Made of nylon construction with TPE sealing glands that resist salt water, weak acids, gasoline, alcohol, oil, grease, and common solvents. (This feature is not assessed by UL.)
• Foam sealing washer INCLUDED with Cordgrip.

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