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Heyco shorty Bushings• For use in panels .062˝ (1,6 mm) and thinner.
• Lower overall height protrudes less through thin mounting panels; thus Shorty Bushings occupy less “real estate” inside your application.
• Insulating feed-thru bushings for limited internal clearance (minimum .125˝ or 3,2 mm) applications.
• Insulates and isolates electric or telecommunications cables as well as low RPM shafts and pushpull rods.
• Locking fingers hold securely after only fingertip pressure snap-in installation.
• Locking fingers in fractional increments up to the maximum panel thickness.
• Available in multiple sizes for use in mounting holes from .187˝ (4,7 mm) to 1.093˝ (27,8 mm).

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