Open Product Spec Sheet

Heyco Thick Panel Rubber Grommets• Used to protect through holes. Help eliminate sharp edges so your wires are protected and add aesthetic value to your application.
• 38 sizes available that accommodate mounting holes ranging from .312˝ (7,9 mm) to holes as large as 2.50˝ (63,5 mm) in diameter and panel thicknesses of .250˝ (6,4 mm) and .375˝ (9,5 mm).
• Rubber grommets are constructed of SBR (unless otherwise noted) with an operating temperature range of -40°F (-40°C) to 221°F (105°C).
• SBR grommets have good water resistant characteristics and are suitable for most moderate chemicals and wet or dry organic acids.
• Provides vibration dampening.

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