Open Product Spec Sheet

HEYClip MaxRunner Cable Clip Array• Patent Pending design is the ultimate in solar wire management.
• Holds up to 12 cables with wire diameters ranging from .20˝ (5,2 mm) to .28˝ (7,2 mm).
• Constructed from PPE+PS flame retardant “Noryl” material with a 301 stainless steel mounting clip.
• The versatile stainless steel mounting clip is designed to secure the holder to a wide variety of aluminum extruded mounting frames of various thicknesses and profiles up to .250˝ (6,4 mm) thick.
• The injection molded wire holder has a V0 flame rating and a UV (f1) rating for excellent resistance to outdoor exposure.
• Molded internal locking tabs securely hold the cables in place preventing side-to-side movement or slippage of the cables.

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