The Ultimate in Liquid Tight Strain Relief Protection

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HEYBrid Brass-Nylon Liquid Tight Cordgrips Metric Hubs• Provide the durability of a nickel-plated brass enclosure with drastically lower installed cost and more secure wire gripping with nylon finger design.
• Heyco Hybrid Cordgrips make it possible to insert different diameters of cable in the same cable gland easily, flexibly and with a good seal.
• Movable articulated fingers provide large clamping and sealing areas for secure and flexible everyday use.
• When tightening the compression nut of the cordgrip, the segmented finger design compresses around the gland and wire to provide a torsion proof seal.
• Nickel-Plated brass construction for superior protection of flexible cables.
• Nickel-Plated finish over brass provides excellent corrosion resistance and durability.
• IP 68 rated.
• For use in clearance or threaded holes.
• Multiple sizes for flexible cord diameters ranging from .04˝ (1,0 mm) to 2.17˝ (55,0 mm).
• We recommend using the smallest cordgrip that accommodates your cable size.
• Sealing gland is molded in Thermoplastic Polymer Elastomer (TPE) material.
• Locknuts not included.

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