The Ultimate in Liquid Tight Strain Relief Protection

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Heyco-Tite Metallic Liquid Tight Cordgrips• Zinc plated steel construction for superior protection of flexible cables.
• Compact design allows fittings to be consecutively ganged–no skipping knockouts–and occupy less “real estate.”
• Galvanized steel pressure ring prevents distortion of the grommet when the sealing nut is tightened.
• Neoprene rubber grommet ensures a permanent rain-tight seal around the cable.
• Body and sealing nut are made of corrosion resistant machined steel. Zinc plated with special brighteners for an attractive finish.
• Color coded label system identifies the cordgrips by wire range/grommet opening.
• For use in clearance or threaded holes.
• Multiple cable sizes with 1/2˝ to 3/4˝ NPT hubs, cover a flexible cord diameter range of .150˝ (3,8 mm) to .850˝ (21,6 mm).
• Temperature Rating: 221°F (105°C).

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