NEMA 1-15P & 5-15P – .043˝ Mold Line Thickness

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Heyco Padded Male Blades• Heyco Padded Blades are far less expensive than their Full Thickness counterparts, yet they are functionally equivalent.
• Thinner gauge material lowers cost, yet full pad configuration meets UL power cord requirements, including UL 1659.
• All Heyco Padded Blades feature a 90° “knee” section for strain relief and assembly orientation.
• For overmolding, Padded Blades must be side loaded due to their shaped profile.
• Series 112 Padded Blades feature a flow-through hole below the mold line for strain relief pull out protection.
• Series 112-8 Padded Blades feature an extended 90° knee for additional strain relief.
• Series 103-N Padded Blades are both heavier duty and notched to meet high temperature pull out requirements
• Series 104 and 104-E Polarized Blades feature “full narrow” hot (black wire) blade design i.e., the hot blade does not taper at the tip for added strength and appearance.
• Series 104-E Insulation Crimp Blades provide strain relief and wire support for shock and vibration resistance, and support for insertion into the mold block.

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