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Heyco Quick Connect Terminals

• Quick Connects allow you to easily choose the right terminals for your application.
• Insulation Support Terminals provide strain relief as well as support for insertion into the housing, allowing the terminal to withstand shock and vibration.
• Low Insertion Force and Non-Insulation Support Terminals provide ease of assembly onto the Male Tab as well as a patented lance tab for better contact and stronger hold on the Male Tab.
• Can be applied with your existing equipment or with Heyco Applicators.
• These applicators offer reliable connections semi-automatically and by integration into automated termination.
• Field Tested.
• Available in brass and pre-tinned brass.
• Most popular configurations available.
• .110˝ straight • .187˝ straight • .250˝ straight • .010˝, .0160˝, and .0180˝ gauge material.

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