Screw to Screw–With Wire Protector Flap

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Heyco Wire Protector Terminal Blocks• Wire protector flap allows the use of STRANDED or SOLID wire with no crimp terminals and no soldering required.
• Allows standardization of the SOLID WIRE Cordset. Input and output wires are always secured with a screw.
• Modern low profile design occupies less real estate.
• No exposed metal parts. “Dead front” designed safety.
• Pressure clamp connectors are supplied in the open position, ready to accept single or multiple solid conductors.
• All sizes are rated at 300 volts (450 volts in Europe).
• Metal parts feature galvanized steel screws and Ni or tin plated brass inserts.
• Available in 94V-0 flame retardant (FR), glass-filled 6/6 Nylon material.
• Material Temperature Index: 284°F (140°C), except TB 3P–338°F (170°C).

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