Snap onto Flat or Round Cables for Faster Assembly into “Double D”
Mounting Holes – Semi-Automatic Equipment Available

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Heyco RDD Lockit Strain Relief Bushings Pigtail for Flat and Round Cables• Integral nylon spring eases the cable into a lazy bend; prevents kinking and assures longest cable and product life.
• Designed to pass CSA’s 50,000 cycle “vacuum cleaner” test ( C22.2 No. 67) and UL’s 859 specification for Household Electric Personal Grooming Appliances “Cord Flexing Test”.
• Assembly friendly! Independent of insertion into the panel, RDD Lockit™ Strain Reliefs self-lock onto the cable. Preassemble RDD Lockits “off line” for final assembly at a later time or remote location, for lower installed cost!
• Install easily with fingertip pressure into a standard round or “Double D” hole. No tools required, even for hand assembly.
• Protect the lifeline of your electric/ electronic products by absorbing the forces of push and pull that may be exerted on the flexible power cord. “Double D” design eliminates the possibility of part rotation under forces of twist.
• Multiple panel locking steps secure Lockit Strain Reliefs into a wide range of panel thicknesses for a flush, finished fit.
• Heyco’s automated Pre-Assembly Equipment speeds assembly of the RDD onto the cable and thus lowers costs while greatly reducing risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.
• Corresponding Mounting Hole Plugs are available, which can be used to fill blank/unused Mounting Holes and thus allow for a single panel design for multiple applications.

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