Open Product Spec Sheet

4-19-Heyco Snap-In Universal and Romex Strain Relief BushingsLG• USR 400 fits the widest range of cable sizes.
• USR 401 fits the widest range of Romex and other flat cable sizes.
• Captive screw forces the locking flap against the cable.
• Captive screw meets typical European requirements wherein the Strain Relief device must remain attached to the panel during cable removal or replacement.
• Nylon USR 400 & 401 comply with: – IEC Publication #335 – CEE #10 and # 11 – VDE #0720, #0730 and others
• Easy installation: fingertip pressure locks bushing into .875˝ (22,2 mm) diameter holes with panel thickness up to .125˝ (3,2 mm).
• Reinforcing ribs for extra strength.
• Bell mouth contour, radiused at 1.5x the exit hole diameter, eliminates the need for a separate cord guard.
• Protect cables against forces of pull, push, twist, and flex.

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